Blackhole MAT Self-adhesive Three Layer (4.5mm thick) Damping Material (Per Sheet)

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A self-adhesive three-layer (4.5mm thick) damping material consisting of 1.5mm Butyl rubber, 0.05mm aluminum constrained layer damping, and 3mm closed cell damping foam.


Designed for damping metal and removing unwanted vibration from a less than perfect enclosure (your door). The foam layer prevents buzz and rattle from things that touch like wires, door control rods, plastic trim panels, etc.


Black Hole Mat has good drape and stretches to easily conform to irregular surfaces.
It can be used in all areas of your car to damp vibrations and reduce noise.
No heating or tools are necessary for installation. It is easily cut with scissors, knife, or die.

Can be applied to every car interior surface; door skin, door inner panel to seal holes, plastic trim, trunk floor, firewall, roof, and speaker cabinet.
Self-adhesive -54C to 150C = -65F to 302F


20” x 79” x .19” (805mm x 2007mm x 4.55mm) 1 Sheet

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