Win This Package “Stealth” Focal Flax EVO 7-channel Fully Active Pre-Tuned Plug & Play Behind the Seat Stereo Upgrade

Every purchase on our website qualifies for one entry to win this package. This package is loaded up with premium products from Mosconi, Focal, and hand-fabricated items from our facility. All are pre-tuned, pre-wired, and shipped right to your door. If you purchase this package and end up winning our giveaway, we will refund you the purchase amount. If you would like to increase your chances of winning, check out our merchandise section and look for the 3-entry Sounds Good Stereo t-shirt for $100. We thank you for all of the support and look forward to the winner of this plug-and-play package! Any questions, please let us know.

  • “Stealth” Behind the Seat Package that allows for full rear seat functionality
  • Mosconi Pico Series Amplifiers with 880 watts of Power
  • Focal Flax EVO Series Front 2-Way Component Kit
  • Focal Flax EVO Rear 2-Way Coaxial Kit
  • Pre-Tuned in-house by our award-winning team
  • Includes EVERYTHING, shipped to your door
  • Designed for the 2015+ F-150 and 2017+ Super Duty SuperCrew (SCREW) Trucks
  • All Factory Systems Apply (B&O Unleashed, B&O, Sony and Non-Amplified)

Package Details
  • 1 x 2011-2023 Ford F-Series SuperCrew Truck Custom Behind the Seat Subwoofer Enclosure Loaded with Subwoofers
  • 1 x Focal PS165FXE Flax Series High-Performance Audiophile Grade 6.5-inch 2-way Components
  • 1 x Focal PC165FE Flax EVO Series 6.5-inch 2-Way Coaxial Speaker Kit
  • 1 x Mosconi Pico 68 DSP Compact 6-channel Amplifier with Built-in DSP
  • 1 x Mosconi Pico 1 Compact 1-channel 750wrms Amplifier
  • 5 x Blackhole MAT Self-adhesive Three Layer (4.5mm thick) Damping Material (Per Sheet)
  • 1 x Blackhole Tile Coated Water Resistant Multi-layer High-Efficiency Acoustical Absorption Pads (72 Pieces)
  • 1 x Nav-TV ZEN-A2B + PAC Audio APH-FD02 for B&O, KeyLOCs for Non-Amplified and PAC AP4 for Sony Systems
  • 1 x Front 6.5-inch + 6.5-Inch Rear – SuperCrew – Speaker Adapter and Block Off Plate Combo for 2015+ Ford F-Series Trucks
  • 1 x Full-Length Power and Ground Power Cable Kit (Designed for 2015+ Vehicles)
  • 1 x Gladen Remote Sub Control for RTC Connection
  • 2 x iConnects PRO Ground Distribution Block with One 1/0-AWG Input and Two 4-AWG Outputs
  • 4 x iConnects Pro Series 8AWG OFC Copper Power Cable – Black – Sold by the Foot
  • 30 x iConnects Pro Series 16AWG OFC Copper Speaker Cable – Black – Sold by the Foot
  • 2 x Littelfuse MIDI Bolt Down Style High Current Fuses (30a to 150a)
  • 1 x Custom Laser Cut Tweeter Adapters – Focal Flax EVO TAM – Compatible with 2015+ Ford Vehicles
  • 1 x Sounds Good Stereo – Custom Package

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