Focal Flax EVO 7-channel Fully Active Pre-Tuned Plug & Play Stereo Upgrade (B&O Including Unleashed)
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Focal Flax EVO 7-channel Fully Active Pre-Tuned Plug & Play Stereo Upgrade (B&O Including Unleashed)

Key Features:
  • - Mosconi ONE Series Amplifiers with 1540 watts of Power
  • - Focal Flax EVO Class Front 2-Way
  • - Focal Flax EVO Rear 2-Way Coaxial Kit
  • - Our Flagship Underseat Subwoofer System
  • - Pre-Tuned in-house by our award winning team
  • - Includes EVERYTHING, shipped to your door
  • - Designed for the SuperCrew (SCREW), Factory B&O Including Unleashed Trucks
  • - Lead Time 8-12 Weeks for Shipping

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Customer Reviews

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John R
All I can say is WOW!

Thank you so much for everything. All I can say is WOW! I finished the install today, and I'm very impressed with the product you, and your team provide. The packaging was superb, the installation videos were spot on, and the sound quality is top notch. I was a little skeptical about the amount of bass I would get from the four 6.5" subwoofers in an under seat box, but you guys nailed it! Definitely worth the wait and I can't wait to show it off to all my friends.

Ford F-Series Complete Plug & Play Stereo Upgrade

Are you looking to upgrade your Ford F-Series truck sound system? If so, you have stumbled onto the perfect solution. What we have here is a pre-wired, pre-tuned, pre-loaded plug-and-play stereo system with everything you need for your Ford F-Series. Once you place your order, we build the complete package, load it into our truck, tune the entire system and then remove it to ship to your door. Upon receiving the packages, it is ready to install. Everything comes pre-mounted and tuned, so no need to touch any of the settings or solder any connections. This package will save you countless hours trying to find a reputable shop to upgrade your truck. Now you can have the exact system we perform at our shop, delivered to your door.

Below we will outline everything that is included with the package along with answering any questions that we are sure you have. For any reason, your question is not answered, please reach out to us and we would love to guide you in the right direction. Also, be sure to watch each video as it addresses more details on your available package options.

This plug and play package fits:


Custom Made In-House.

This plug and play package is 100% assembled in-house using premium components including our amplifier rack, speaker adapters, block-off plates, and more, which we manufacture in-house. Everything from the harnessing to mounting the products, our team is behind every connection we make.


Pre-Wired and Pre-Tuned.

We are going beyond sending you boxes of parts that you need to assemble. Our loaded plug and play packages are pre-wired, pre-tuned, and tested in our in-house Ford truck before it ships to your door.


Designed for B&O Systems

This package is specifically designed for Ford B&O factory stereo systems and we utilize the proper integration for our packages, the ZEN A2B interface. This provides seamless, smart integration with no loss of any factory functions.


EVERYTHING is Included.

Enjoy the comfort in knowing you are purchasing from an authorized retailer and we will be here to help you with any issues you may have in the future. Since we test every plug and play package before it ships, you can rest assured your products will operate as intended when you turn it on.

Active vs Passive....Which one?

Choose Your System Configuration

When choosing your speaker configuration you will want to keep a few things in mind. As you go up “active” channels, the more control we have in the DSP, which delivers substantially better sound quality performance.

The ultimate package is our “Elevated” option. This package is performance first, price last. In this package, we are using the best gear in the car stereo industry, across the board. The “Elevated” class comes with many perks not offered in the regular packages, so give us a call to discuss the options and transportation to our facility for installation.

For the 3-way active configuration, we are running two Mosconi PRO Class 5/30 five-channel amplifiers, one per side of the vehicle. This along with the Mosconi 8to12 Aerospace DSP provides us the ultimate control and fidelity to tune the stereo system. In this package, the subwoofer enclosure is a full vinyl front and also includes our custom 3-way a-pillars that we build in-house, loaded with the 3-way speakers of your choice. If you are serious about your stereo systems, this pre-tuned 3-way active package is for you.

The 2-way active is a more common setup that provides us full control over each speaker powered by the Mosconi One 90.8 DSP amplifier along with the Mosconi One 1000.1 subwoofer amplifier. This package also includes a built-in DSP so the performance and sound quality are substantially better than a traditional 2-way passive system. This package retains the factory tweeter locations and incorporates our premium carpeted custom subwoofer enclosure. This package is perfect for those that want the highest level of performance, and have a great ear for high-performance stereo systems, but do not want to spend the additional cost for the 3-way package.

In the 2-way passive system, we are utilizing a 5-channel amplifier and no signal processing. To do this, we chose the Focal FPX 5.1200 amplifier which provides 75wrms to each speaker and 720wrms to the subwoofer. This package is great for those who are wanting to upgrade their factory system but not break the bank on the higher-end packages.

The video in this section will go over the differences between the system configurations and how they compare to each other.

Fun to Perfection

Choose Your Speaker Series

Choosing your speaker series is sometimes one of the toughest decisions most customers make. The reason is the “unknown” as the only information you have is based on others’ perception of “good sound”. One flaw to this advice is knowing what sounds good to them and what sounds good to others. The majority of the DIY crowd has limited experience with advanced DSP tuning, acoustical treatments in vehicles, and the variety of speakers on the market today.

If one thing is for sure, we enjoy what we do every day and we push the envelope to deliver the best performing, best-sounding vehicles for our clients. To do this, we have found Focal speakers with our plug-and-play Ford packages to be the perfect fit. When properly tuned, they deliver an amazing level of sound quality and concert level volume that customers enjoy. Below, we will break out the different series of Focal speakers and hopefully help you make a decision on which set is best for you. Also, be sure to check out the video in this section for a more in-depth look at the different series.

  • Focal Inside: Great volume, very energetic, moderate sound quality
  • Focal Access: Great volume, very energetic, above-average sound quality
  • Focal Flax: Moderate Volume, Great Balance, Substantial sound quality
  • Focal K2 Power: Intense Volume, VERY Energetic, Loves high volume
  • Focal Utopia M: Great Volume, Perfect Sound Quality, League of its own
Bigger is Not Better

Choose Your Subwoofer Configuration

We are strong believers of two things, you can never have too much bass since you can easily turn it down and science will determine if a subwoofer package will perform well in a vehicle. If you are curious why we use the subwoofers and the sizes we do, it’s simply the science of subwoofer enclosures. If we could get better performance from larger subwoofers, we would, but due to limited airspace, it will actually yield worse performance than smaller subwoofers. Think of the airspace to subwoofer as air/fuel to an engine. Just because you “want” to run more fuel, doesn’t mean your engine will run better and more efficiently. Also, just because your engine is “bigger” does not mean it’s “faster” as 4-cylinder engines broke into the 5-second quarter-mile realm in 2020.

So what does this mean for you? Well, we have designed the best performing, factory under-seat fitting enclosures for the F-series trucks based on trial and error, acoustical measurements, and years of experience. Our favorite? The four 6.5-inch setup! Crazy to think 6.5-inch subwoofers can outperform larger 10-12-inch drivers, but they do in every way with our custom-designed enclosure. Below, we try to describe the difference between the options and at any point you have questions, please reach out to us. If you are unsure, go with the four 10-inch or the four 6.5-inch, they will provide you everything your heart desires! If you do not want a lot of bass, but want perfection, the K2 Power or the Utopia M setup will leave you in musical nirvana!

  • Four 6.5-inch Vented: Highest Output, A lot of Low Bass, Moderate Upper Bass, Moderate Sound Quality
  • Four 10-inch Flax EVO Sealed: Great Output, Moderate Low Bass, Great Upper Bass, Moderate Sound Quality
  • Two 10-inch Flax EVO Sealed: Moderate Output, Moderate Low Bass, Moderate Upper Bass, Moderate Sound Quality
  • One 10-inch Flax EVO Sealed: Same as Two 10-inch Flax EVO Sealed, but less output, smaller enclosure
  • One 10-inch K2 Power Vented: Great Output, Great Low Bass, Great Upper Bass, Great Sound Quality
  • Two 10-inch Utopia M Sealed: Moderate Output, Moderate Low Bass, Great Upper Bass, Perfect Sound Quality
Designed for Maximum Performance

Acoustical Treatment Included

The core of any great sound system, whether in a vehicle or a music studio, is the acoustical treatment the designers add to the environment. In a vehicle, we have to deal with unique challenges that you do not face in most other environments, like road-noise, thin metal door panels, and reflections from near-field speaker locations. While some will argue that a vehicle is impossible to get great sound, we disagree. With years of experience around high-end home audio systems, frequent trips to music studios here in Nashville, TN, live concerts in multiple types of venues, we are confident we can provide you the ultimate musical experience in your Ford F-Series truck. To do this, we have to address what Ford did not, the environment.

To create a great environment for your new sound system, we include multiple types of sound treatment for the interior doors and back wall. Following the installation directions at the bottom of this page will not only set you up for great sound but ensure you are receiving the performance you paid for since we are pre-tuning the system for you. The materials we include stay the same for the packages, but the quantity changes due to additional costs that would make our entry-level packages unattainable for some. If you want the entry-level package, but more sound treatment, please let us know and we can upgrade this for you and the results are well worth the $$$. Below, here are the differences in the packages.

  • 2-Way Passive: BlackHole Tiles: Starter Pack (18 pcs), Blackhole MAT: 6 Boxes (55 sqft)
  • 2-Way Active: BlackHole Tiles: Full Box (72 pcs), Blackhole MAT: 5 Boxes (55 sqft)
  • 3-Way Active: BlackHole Tiles: Two Full Boxes (144 pcs), Blackhole MAT: 4 Boxes (44 sqft)
Pre-Tuned, Pre-Configured, Fully Tested

Seriously..... It's Plug & Play!

When we say Plug and Play, we are serious or at least as Plug & Play as possible without having the truck at our facility. We literally take every step we can to make this system filled with amazing gear, as easy to install as possible. For years, our team has worked on this concept for the Ford F-Series platform and we are finally ready to provide our amazing customers with what they have been asking for. An easy-to-install custom stereo system that is pre-tuned. No more buying a bunch of ingredients and hoping your local shop can deliver on your great gear. We have put together everything, ready to install and enjoy!

When making it as plug-and-play as possible, we wanted to make sure we utilized the best of every component in the system. From Focal speakers, Mosconi amplifiers, Mosconi DSP to even something simple as a fuse holder, we wanted to make it the highest of quality throughout. Over the course of 12 months, we have been installing these packages, tweaking the “recipe” and replicating them for our previous clients, outside of the public eye. Now we have finally agreed to release these to the public for everyone to enjoy! Here is what you are purchasing:

  • Pre-Tuned Complete Package for your Ford F-Series
  • Tons of custom made parts by our team
  • Award-winning tech support who knows these vehicles
  • Best products in the car stereo industry
  • Includes everything you need, seriously!
Our Unique Approach

The Core of our Ford F-Series Plug & Play Packages


Factory Fit and Finish

Our products are designed with a customer-first approach. Gone are the days of “modifying” vehicles permanently. We have worked very hard on this plug-and-play package design to ensure it utilizes factory mounting locations, is easy to install, and is also secure/safe for the passengers in the truck. From the type of HDPE plastic we use to the aluminum 6061 laser-cut brackets that hold the amplifier rack in place, this package has been years in the making. Simply use our supplied hardware and bolt in place of the factory equipment.

Easy to Install

All of the plug-and-play packages are designed for ease of installation. With only basic tools, you can install the system yourself, and having a friend help will make the installation a breeze. Outside of the sound treatment, everything else mounts into factory locations, so the installation, even a new DIY installer can accomplish this system installation in two days. Towards the bottom of this page, we have complete walk-through installation videos to help guide you along the way. If you are not the DIY type, this package will be a great solution to take to your local shop as everything is pre-tuned, pre-mounted, and predictable.


Pre-Tuned DSP

Our goal is to set you up for success along with handling the “professional” aspects of your new stereo system. Proper tuning of the system is one of the most unique aspects of the package. Just like a chef brings together all of the ingredients for your meal, our team does the same with these products and your vehicle. The end result is a crystal clear stereo system that is composed, reliable and exciting to listen to. You will hear your favorite songs the way they were supposed to be heard! This is achieved by installing the entire package into our in-house F-150 truck, tuning the DSP, and ensuring that the entire system sounds amazing, performs perfectly, and meets our rigorous standards. So when you receive the plug and play package, do not touch the levels/settings, just connect the power/ground wiring, install the supplied sound treatment, speakers, and enjoy your new high-performance pre-tuned stereo system.

Focal Speakers

The brand that all other speakers are compared to and for good reasons. The Focal speaker kits are rated as some of the best car stereo speakers available and anyone who says otherwise can’t afford them or experienced them in a vehicle that was not tuned properly. With our Ford F-Series Plug & Play packages, you will experience the true performance that the Focal products exhibit and what makes them one of the best speaker manufacturers in the world.

Pre-Wired Amplifier Rack

To make this system truly “Plug and Play”, we custom build the pre-wired amplifier rack in-house and dedicate on average 6 hours to wire it up. The end result is custom pinned plugs, soldered connections, hand-made RCA cables for the perfect length and all wires are treated with the proper sleeving. This beautiful, pre-wired amplifier rack is loaded with some of the best electronics in the car stereo industry and since it is pre-tuned, you simply connect power/ground, tweeter/midrange wires and plug the B&O plug into the factory plug and you have the same system as if you brought the truck to our facility.

Audiophile Grade Electronics

When choosing the electronics portion of these packages, we went with what we are familiar with and what works for us at our shop. If you are not familiar with our shop, you can view the builds on YouTube and even read our reviews from clients across the country. We consider the amplifier/DSP section of any system similar to the “heart” of the system. It has a simple, but important job to do which is to “amplify” the signal accurately, provide the proper flow of electricity (wattage), and be reliable for many years to come with any hiccups. The gear that exceeds these standards are companies like Mosconi and Focal. We use them in our personal vehicles and even the most demanding audiophile-grade stereo systems we build, these are the go-to electronics in the car stereo industry.

Premium Subwoofers

Bigger is Better!!!…..That’s what everyone believes and it’s not completely wrong, but not the complete story. The problem with larger subwoofers is they require larger airspace and without the appropriate airspace, bigger is NOT better! Since airspace (internal air volume of the enclosure) can be measured and not manipulated, unless you lift your seat or poke your enclosure out from under the seat, which we do not do, we can determine performance with computer modeling different subwoofers in the known airspace. Based on all of our tests, trying all types of enclosures, even competitor ones, nothing compares to the smallest subwoofers in a vented enclosure. The four 6.5-inch subwoofers are simply the best in terms of output (yes low bass) and sound quality. So in the case of these trucks, bigger is NOT better, and if it was… we would offer a two 15-inch enclosure vented, but science won’t let us

High-End RCAs

To build the amplifier rack with all of these electronics, we needed multiple length RCA cables to make it happen. So we had to make a decision, take long RCA cables and bunch up the excess or invest into our RCA cables to make everything to length. While this requires quite a bit more labor to do along with additional costs, the end result is a smarter, cleaner, and better way to wire everything up. The RCA tips and the wire are from a company called Straight Wire based out of Florida. They make all types of cables and some of them even reach the multi-thousand dollar range. But for us, it is a very high-quality connector that meets our standards and it creates a phenomenal end result for the short lengths of cable that we need.

CNC Block-Off Plates

One product that is unique to Sounds Good Stereo is block-off plates. These simple, but yet effective panels replace the weather barrier in your door and provide a substantial improvement for your mid-bass performance. Think of your doors as enclosures for your most important speaker in the vehicle, your mid-basses. By adding these block-off plates, it creates a cavity for the speaker to play in and improves their performance. These block-off plates are all designed and manufactured in-house and made from premium High-Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) and are included with all of our packages.

CNC Enclosure

Our custom subwoofer enclosure that is included with this package utilizes a variety of subwoofer options and is built using premium materials by our award-winning fabrication team. Utilizing our in-house multi-tool CNC machine, our team can ensure perfect fitment every time and provide additional capabilities that traditional hand-made enclosures cannot offer. The end result is a beautiful loaded enclosure that sounds amazing in the Ford F-Series trucks and looks incredible with its premium carpet or vinyl-wrapped finish.

Laser Cut Tweeter Adapters

In our Ford F-Series packages, we opted to utilize all factory locations for the new speakers. This includes the factory a-pillar location for the tweeter, but the factory tweeter utilizes different mounting points. To solve this, we utilize our in-house laser cutting machine to custom make the adapters not only specifically for the Ford F-Series, but for the exact tweeters in the package. To finish it off, we mount the tweeters in the adapters for you, solder the connections, and include the new wiring to run to the amplifier rack.

CNC Speaker Adapters

As you may or may not know, replacing the speakers in your Ford F-Series is not the same as it was 10+ years ago. Since all of the new vehicles have the speaker embedded into the factory plate, it does not unbolt from the flange. To solve this, we CNC machine custom speaker adapters from premium 1/2-inch High-Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) which provides a rigid, dense, and solid mounting platform for the new speaker kits. Before the package ships, we load the speaker into the adapter, solder, and heatshrink the factory connection and when you receive it, it’s plug & play.

Fused Distribution

All of our plug and play packages include the proper fusing for not only the amplifier rack but under the hood also. The fuse holder under the hood, made by Littelfuse which is what OEM suppliers use, replicates an OEM factory-style fuse holder, comes pre-terminated with pure copper lugs for the best conductivity, and is crimped with our hydraulic press in-house by our team members. In the rear of the amplifier rack, you will see a dual-position distribution block which provides ease of installation but also a solid distribution point for the new electronics. All of the fuses we use are the highest of quality to ensure not only a reliable system but also a safe one for you and your passengers in the vehicle.

Custom 3-way A-Pillars

If you choose to go with our 3-Way active package, you are in for a treat. With this package level, you will receive a custom-built set of our A-Pillars which is hand-made in-house by our team. We start with a set of Ford OEM pillars and then using our laser machine, we manufacture a multi-layer plate to house the new mid-range/tweeter combination. From here the pillars are hand molded to the desired shape and then wrapped in our factory match, premium vinyl. The last step is to hand press the grille mesh to have the perfect dimension, character, and factory appearance. Once the pillar is built, we load in the drivers and install them into our truck for tuning. Since we include new pillars, you can keep your factory ones stored away if you ever need to take your truck back to stock.

RGB Lighting

We know everyone has a favorite color and the ability to change the color when desired is important to our team. So we decided to make every enclosure in our packages RGB capable, so you can literally choose between thousands of colors. This is all done on your mobile phone over Bluetooth by one of the best RGB controller apps on the market, XK Glow. With this app, you can set a solid color, make it change with the music, or even celebrate different Holidays within its settings. To see the app in action, you can download it on IOS here or Android here. Now you can customize the enclosure to the perfect color, when you want and how you want.

Custom Enclosure Badging

With many different F-Series trucks on the road from a Raptor, Hennessey, Roush, Limited, Super-Duty to even a custom company logo, we have the ability the change the center logo to pretty much anything you could imagine. With our in-house laser machine and internal design staff, our imagination is the only limit. From a custom medical ribbon for your son/daughter to your company name, we can make it happen. Once you purchase the package, we will contact you to discuss your truck and ideas for the center emblem and make the enclosure more specific to your lifestyle.

B&O Integration

Integration with the factory B&O system is very straight forward and with minimal connections and disassembly, it is the easiest of the trucks to install. We start off with the Nav-TV Zen A2B interface and we pair this with the Pac Audio APH-FD02 and now we have the perfect, no splice interface with the truck. Then we connect Zen A2B through custom-made RCA connectors to the next component, which is either the DSP or 5-channel amplifier depending on the configuration. This option retains all of the factory functions, backup sensors, etc, and simply provides the seamless, smart way to upgrade the B&O stereo system.

Custom Made Harnesses

In order to make this plug-and-play package truly plug-and-play, our team manufactures custom harnessing in-house using premium materials such as JK Tapes, StraightWire RCAs, Littelfuse, iDatalink, TechFlex, and more to ensure the perfect finish/connection. Depending on your factory stereo system will depend on the type of harnesses we create. On the B&O packages, we utilize the Nav-TV Zen A2B interface that provides us the perfect signal to feed into the new electronics. This combined with premium, custom-made RCAs using high-end Straightwire RCA tips ensures the perfect length signal connection. No need for you to splice, test, or solder, it’s all pre-wired and ready to plugin.

Premium 100% OFC Cabling

Here at Sounds Good Stereo, we only use 100% premium oxygen-free copper (OFC) wiring. While some might believe wire is wire, that is far from the truth, even if it looks like copper. One common alternative to copper wiring is copper-clad aluminum (CCA), which is a lot cheaper and sometimes passed as OFC, but this poses several issues in your stereo system. Copper-clad aluminum (CCA) conducts 61% of the electricity that oxygen-free copper (OFC) conducts and increases the risk of oxidation, which reduces the current efficiency even more. To ensure proper current flow, reliability, and performance of your new system, we will only use 100% premium oxygen-free copper (OFC) wiring with no exceptions.

Full-Length Power + Ground

In most newer vehicles, including the Ford trucks, the manufacturing processes have changed. For a simple explanation, the newer vehicles are “glued” together more than previous generations which were welded carbon steel. Since DC current (what feeds the amplifier) needs to create a complete circle, we have found these new techniques of manufacturing pose a risk of a poor ground in the cab of the vehicle. To solve this, we include full-length power + ground cabling that goes straight to the source, the battery. This ensures we have the highest conductivity of electricity and we know 100% with our copper cabling, your new plug and play system will have everything it needs to operate properly.

Closed Cell Foam Rings

Don’t be fooled by other “Speaker Rings” made from Open Cell Foam as they let sound pass right through them. Our included Closed Cell Foam Rings creates a loss-less sound barrier between the interior door panel and the speaker, projecting the sound and reducing loss into the door airspace. This improves sound quality, reduces unwanted vibrations, and is a simple solution to deliver better performance for your new stereo system.

BlackHole Stuff

In order to improve the performance and sound quality of your new subwoofer enclosure, we utilize a material from BlackHole called “Stuff”. Typically found in very high-end home audio speakers, this material offers superior resonance control over your typical foam, fiberglass, polyester (Polyfill stuffing), or wool alternatives. Already included in our sealed enclosures, this “Stuff” will ensure your subwoofers will perform at their maximum performance.

BlackHole MAT

Mounting your new speakers into your truck without proper acoustical treatment is not a good idea. With the thin metal utilized in new vehicles, you need to “dampen” the metal to ensure you will not experience unwanted resonance from the vibrating metal. To solve this issue, we include BlackHole MAT which is a 3-layer, 4.5mm thick, self-adhesive damping material with a 3mm closed cell damping foam on top for the metal skins of your door panel. It is one of the most time-consuming, but important aspects of your new stereo system.

BlackHole Tiles

In addition to the Blackhole MAT, we also include the Blackhole Tiles, which most people are not familiar with, but play a critical role in improving the performance of your new sound system. These tiles, which are 4” x 3” x 1.5”, are water-resistant multi-layered acoustical absorption pads. These are installed inside the door panel and provide the ultimate acoustical door treatment for your new stereo system. Each package includes a different amount of these tiles, so be sure to check below for the exact amount you will receive.

Remote Subwoofer Level

Like your music, passengers and mood change. So do your subwoofer output requirements. We include in every package we offer a remote subwoofer level to ensure you have full control over your subwoofer section. Whether you want a small kick in your favorite rock song or be engulfed in bass listening to the new top 40 music, a remote level knob is a perfect way to adjust your system.

In-House Tech Support

Our team of real-world technicians are here to help you with any questions or concerns you have regarding your purchase from us. With many years of experience in the high-end car stereo world, our team can answer even the most advanced questions regarding your new stereo system and vehicle.

Full Manufacturer Warranty

Your new loaded amplifier rack and all of its components are covered by the manufactures warranty. Before the package ships, we ensure all of the components are working as intended so the likelihood of any issues are slim, but knowing you have the support of our team along with the manufactures, makes these packages an easy decision for your Ford Truck.

Free Shipping

You will receive Free UPS Ground Shipping of your new loaded amplifier package in the United States Continental 48 states. For those located in Hawaii, Alaska, and international locations, please contact us for a competitive shipping quote.

The Good Stuff

How the packages are composed

Elevated 3-Way Active Package
Front Speakers Focal Utopia M 8/3.5/Tweeter
Rear Speakers Focal Utopia XP
Center Channel Yes, Illusion Audio C3CX
Includes Custom 3-Way A-Pillars Yes
Total Amplifier Channels 11-Channels
Amplifier Series Mosconi PRO Class
Total RMS Power 3,540
Front Tweeter/MidRange Amplifier Mosconi PRO 4/30
Front MidBass Amplifier Mosconi PRO 2/10
Subwoofer Amplifiers One/Two Mosconi PRO 1/10
Center Channel + Rear Speaker Amplifier Mosconi PRO 4/10
Digital Signal Processor Mosconi 8to12 Aerospace
Blackhole Tiles Yes, Two Full Boxes (144 pcs)
Blackhole Mat (3-Layer Damping) Yes, 4 Boxes (44 sqft)
Power/Ground Kit 100% OFC Copper, 1/0 Gauge
Enclosure Trim Level Level 5, Vinyl Wrapped
3-Way Active Package Specifics
Includes Custom 3-Way A-Pillars Yes
Total Amplifier Channels 10-Channels
Amplifier Series Mosconi PRO Class
Total RMS Power 2,320
Left Side Amplifier Mosconi PRO 5/30
Right Side Amplifier Mosconi PRO 5/30
Digital Signal Processor Mosconi 8to12 Aerospace (Back of Amp Rack)
Blackhole Tiles Yes, Two Full Boxes (144 pcs)
Blackhole Mat (3-Layer Damping) Yes, 4 Boxes (44 sqft)
Power/Ground Kit 100% OFC Copper, 1/0 Gauge
Enclosure Trim Level Level 5, Vinyl Wrapped
2-Way Active Package Specifics
Total Amplifier Channels 7-Channels
Amplifier Series Mosconi One Class
Total RMS Power 1,540
Amplifier 1 Mosconi One 90.8 DSP
Amplifier 2 Mosconi One 1000.1
Digital Signal Processor Built Into the 90.8 Amplifier
Blackhole Tiles Yes, Full Box (72 pcs)
Blackhole Mat (3-Layer Damping) Yes, 5 Boxes (55 sqft)
Power/Ground Kit 100% OFC Copper, 1/0 Gauge
Enclosure Trim Level Level 1, Premium Carpet Wrapped
2-Way Passive Package Specifics
Total Amplifier Channels 5-Channels
Amplifier Series Focal FPX
Total RMS Power 1,200
Amplifier 1 Focal FPX 5.1200
Digital Signal Processor No Digital Signal Processor
Blackhole Tiles Yes, Starter Pack (18 pcs)
Blackhole Mat (3-Layer Damping) Yes, 6 Boxes (55 sqft)
Power/Ground Kit 100% OFC Copper, 4-Gauge
Enclosure Trim Level Level 1, Premium Carpet Wrapped

Included in All Packages

Front + Rear Custom Speaker Adapters
Front + Rear Custom Block Off Plates
NAV-TV ZEN-A2B for Integration
PAC Audio APH-FD02 Speaker Harness for Zero Cut Integration
Remote Subwoofer Level Knob
Custom Pre-Wired Amplifier Rack
Pre-Tuned in our in-house Vehicle
Custom Made Subwoofer Enclosure
Assortment of Factory Mounting Hardware
In-House Real World Tech Support
Full Manufacturer Warranty


Below, you will find step by step instructions to install our plug & play packages into your vehicle. These are long real-time videos of the installation, so you can use these as a reference during your installation.

Installation Overview

Cabling your New System

Sound Treatment/Speaker Installation


Turn it On....Enjoy!



Interested in having our team install your package into your truck? No problem, we would love to make that happen. After you purchase your package on this page, contact us via email or by phone so we can schedule the installation and if needed, help you arrange transport of the truck to our facility.
  • Award Winning Installation Team
  • Flat rate of $1,000 to install any of our Plug & Play Packages
  • 3-Day Installation/Tuning Time
  • Priority Scheduling for our Plug & Play Packages
  • Vehicle Transport Avaliable for Out of Town Customers
  • Optional: Have your Ride Featured on our YouTube Channel
Ford Shelby Super Baja Project

This is a one-part video of a 2022 Ford F-250 Shelby Super Baja we just completed for a complete high-end Focal Utopia M custom stereo system upgrade. This video is an overview of the work we did to upgrade this truck. From custom enclosures to custom A-Pillars, these trucks have some of the best gear available.

We hope you enjoy this short walk-through of the build!

Ford Raptor Project

This project we refer to as the OG Ford Raptor. Not because it is the first we ever built, but the first one we filmed on YouTube. Since this was published, we have over 100K views and have become one of the leading experts in Ford F-Series stereo systems. From our custom parts to custom builds at our shop, we are the go-to source for the best F-Series stereo components.

This 5 part build was a project for a professional NBA player and we had free reign to do what we wanted. The system we put together is very similar to the designs of today, due to the performance and sound quality it delivered. Since then, our custom-made parts have evolved and we are now expanding this product line with plug and play packages.

Hope you enjoy the video!!

Ford Hennessey Project

After the initial release of our first Raptor build, the requests came into our shop. While we didn’t film every Raptor build, we did pick out a few of the unique ones. This one, being a very similar system, but being the unique Ford Raptor Hennessey version was the perfect candidate for the next YouTube build. This system also incorporated the Linkswell T-Style radio, which looked great in the dash of the truck.

We hope you enjoy this short walk-through of the build!

Ford Roush Project

Just like the Hennessey Raptor above, this customer reached out to us to build a one-off stereo system for his family. At the same time, we had a 2017 Ford Raptor in the bay for the same system! As I said, we do a lot of these trucks! This setup was slightly different but the core remained the same. If you watch all three of the videos above, you will see the progression of not only the parts we manufacture but also the improvement in the shop to help us build better-performing systems for our clients.

Hope you enjoy this video!

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Customer Reviews

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John R
All I can say is WOW!

Thank you so much for everything. All I can say is WOW! I finished the install today, and I'm very impressed with the product you, and your team provide. The packaging was superb, the installation videos were spot on, and the sound quality is top notch. I was a little skeptical about the amount of bass I would get from the four 6.5" subwoofers in an under seat box, but you guys nailed it! Definitely worth the wait and I can't wait to show it off to all my friends.

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