High-End Audiophile Custom Car Stereo system in a Maybach 62s for Timbaland
– Audiophile Grade Car Stereo System –
Vehicle Year: 2012
Vehicle Make: Maybach
Vehicle Model 62s
Work Performed Audiophile Grade Audio System
Headunit Mosconi AMAS 96K
Amplifier Mosconi AS Series
Subwoofers 2 x Focal K2 Power 40kx 16″
Sound Processor Mosconi 6to8
Interior Speakers Focal K2 Power
If you have listened to hip-hop music in the last 20 years, chances are you have heard the unique sounds of the music producer Timbaland. Working with top artists such as Jay-Z, Nas, Ludacris, Bubba Sparxxx, Madonna, Rihanna, OneRepublic, Brandy, Drake, Rick Ross, and more, Timbaland has influenced just about every current pop trend in music today. So how do you design an audio system for someone who actually creates the music millions have enjoyed over the past several decades? The simple answer is audiophile sound quality utilizing the best of the best equipment currently in the car stereo market.
For years, we have worked with Timbaland designing and tuning his car audio systems. Most “famous” individuals just want a great sounding audio system, but Timbaland wants perfection. When you listen to his music, you will hear the depth and uniqueness of his music production. To build the perfect audio system is not an easy feat, but these challenges are exactly what makes us different from other shops in the nation.
The first step was to take a deeper look at the vehicle itself. If you have never seen a Maybach 62s with the partition wall (2-Seat Limousine), it is the definition of luxury on wheels. From the outside, it appears to look like a rebadged Mercedes-Benz, but longer. But when you open the rear extended door, you see the grand luxurious interior fit for a king. See the photo below.
Custom Car Stereo Installation for Timbaland in his Maybach 62s
Custom Car Stereo Installation for Timbaland in his Maybach 62s
– Stereo systems are similar to flavors of food, some foods are spicy and others might be sweet. Every customer has unique taste buds and their interpretation of what great sound is. At the end of the day, we design stereo systems for your enjoyment and it’s our job to listen. –
After taking the vehicle apart, we identified the best speaker locations for the listening position. The rear doors were modified with custom grille and housing since the factory speaker enclosure would not meet our standards. The end result is a factory looking panel that compliments the interior of the vehicle.
We also modified the center console next to the partition wall to house a shallow center channel speaker for better center imaging due to the size of the rear cabin. this center channel was processed along with the other speakers utilizing the Mosconi Digital Sound Processor.
Also mounted in the interior is the controller to the audio system. As you could imagine, we did not install an “AM/FM” stereo in this vehicle. The entire system is controlled by a portable music player or Bluetooth control. this allows ease of use from a mobile phone and the controller simply acts as a volume knob for the rear seat passengers.
Last step is the subwoofer and trunk area. Most high-end European vehicles seal off the trunk to reduce road noise and create a quieter ride for the passengers inside. In this vehicle since the “VIP” passengers are sitting in the rear, the trunk was sealed solid. Since adding a traditional subwoofer enclosure in the trunk would just fight the noise cancellation, we decided to design what we call a 4th order subwoofer enclosure. This style enclosure allows our team to “aim” the subwoofer frequencies into the interior cabin and not remove the acoustical isolation from the trunk. The end result was the perfect audio system designed for one of the most popular music producers of our time. Take time to view the images below and if you have any questions, just let us know.
Custom Car Stereo installation into a Maybach 62s
Custom Car Stereo installation into a Maybach 62s
Custom Car Stereo Installation for Timbaland in his Maybach 62s
Custom Car Stereo Installation for Timbaland in his Maybach 62s

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