– One of our In-Store Demo Vehicles –
1996 HONDA
Vehicle Year: 1996
Vehicle Make: Honda
Vehicle Model Accord Wagon
Work Performed Complete Stereo System
Customer Location Nashville, TN
Interior Speakers Focal Flax 3-Way
Headunit iPad Mini
Amplifiers Focal FDP Series (3 Total)
Subwoofers 4 x Focal Flax 10″
Sound Processor Mosconi 6to8 Aerospace
Description of Sound Sound Quality + Volume
We have worked and delivered some amazing, unique cars here at Sounds Good Stereo. From ultra-rare exotic European luxury cars to one-off muscle cars, we really enjoy all of the cars that we work on. So when deciding a personal car for ourselves, we needed something unique and a vehicle that is reliable enough to drive across the country to car shows. Also, a vehicle that really nobody knows about and something that stands out of the crowd. That’s how the mid-nineties Honda Accord station wagons came about. It is extremely reliable, cost-effective to own, and unique enough that you will never see another like it. Now, we have to completely rebuild the entire vehicle to match our European styling and make it sound amazing.
After owning this vehicle for several years and putting over 200K miles on the chassis, it was finally time to build the audio system. As you will see in the gallery at the bottom of the page, the vehicle was literally gutted to start this process. The engine, interior, body panels, and even the entire dash was removed to do this transformation. While for most customers, this is a little extreme for their needs, we wanted to create a near-perfect audio system with practically a brand new car to match. Similar to restoring a classic 60s Camaro, but with a more modern daily driver approach and a Honda Accord from the 90s.
The picture right below this paragraph is the vehicle completed and at its first show in Dallas, Texas. This show is called Knowledgefest and is one of the largest car audio industry shows every year. The wagon was debuted in the Focal America booth and it was the talk of the show.
– We built this car for our customers to experience car stereo in a car, not a soundboard. This simply showcases our skillsets and the capabilities that our team can offer you for your next stereo system. –
The start of any great audio system is the source. In this car, we did not go the typical car stereo replacement route. Honestly, I never listen to AM/FM radio and the idea of carrying around CDs did not appeal to me. We removed the sun visors from the car, so where would I store them? (Joke for the older folks that understand). So the choice of a source was simple, we wanted to replace the stock radio but fill in space where the radio sits to look more modern. After several measurements, the iPad Mini was the best candidate. This provided a large, vibrant display with connectivity apps that we can use to not only store our music but play the audio tracks wirelessly to the Focal digital sound processor.
In the photo below, you will see the iPad Mini mounted in the dash along with the speaker kit that resides in the front of the vehicle. The speaker kit we chose is the Focal Flax 3-Way component kit with an additional 6.5″ mid-bass. To power this speaker kit, we have the Focal FDP 6.900 six-channel amplifier dedicated to the front speaker system. This provides us over 1,200 wrms of power along with full control over each speaker in the vehicle. This allows for perfect tuning capabilities and tons of power to push the volume level beyond most customers’ needs.
– To deliver a great stereo system, you have to use science rather than guesswork. Just throwing equipment at a problem will not solve the issue, but a complete understanding of advanced stereo tuning can make even a basic stereo system something special. –
Since 1996, this wagon has been through a lot. With only a few select factory panel pieces still apart of the vehicle, it continues to live on. Currently, the vehicle is at our shop located in Mount Juliet, TN and we keep it on display for customers to experience. From Arizona to Chicago, audio enthusiasts from across the United States have driven to our facility to see what the buzz is all about with the wagons we build. Every day, we enjoy seeing customers’ faces and their expressions after they hear the car for the first time. We promise its like nothing you have ever heard before and we would enjoy letting you experience what our team delivers every day. Enjoy the photos below of the build and if you would like to plan a trip to our store, just let us know.

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