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Mosconi Gladen One Series 250.2 2ch Sound Quality Audiophile Amplifier

2-channel Amplifier

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2 channel amplifier
Black finishing
Power Rating: 250 Watt per channel @ 4 Ohm < 1% THD+N
G-HOC socket per channel pair for G_HP & LP, G_FSA, G_MONO, RTC_MOS and HOC e.g. BMW, Audi……..
HP or LP filter switchable
Improved input interface, better noise rejection
Analog Device Ics, improved DC-DC converter
Surge protection on the battery supply rail
More SMD / less “traditional” components in the past

4 Ohm ST or 8 Ohm BTL – CONTINUOUS SINEWAVE SIGNAL – pure resistive load or speaker load
2 Ohm ST or 4 Ohm BTL – MUSICAL SIGNAL – pure resistive load or speaker load

Target Powers (@ 4 Ohm) 250 Watt x 2 or
680 Watt BTL mode
Target Powers (@ 2 Ohm) 340 Watt x 2
Input Sensitivity (Power rating ref) 0.35 V ÷ 16 V
Xover functions:

HIGH Pass or LOW Pass
(20 ÷ 225 Hz – 12 dB/oct)

Special Features:
Remote Volume Control (optional)
G-HOC socket
High Low Adapter
Size & Weight 310x200x50mm, 2,5Kg
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