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Audiomobile EVO 2408 D4 High-Performance 8" Subwoofer designed for Compact + IB Enclosures - Dual 4 Ohm
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Audiomobile EVO 2408 D4 High-Performance 8" Subwoofer designed for Compact + IB Enclosures

Key Features:

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EVO Series

Higher sound quality at extreme output levels

The new Evo Series represents a composite of the benefits of the other Audomobile subwoofers. Featuring our proven, low-profile, “SLX” cast alloy frame, and includes our proprietary Shaped Manifold Gap (“SMG”), featuring a fully-machined, extended magnetic top-plate, plus a unique thermal management design, which uses the Aluminum frame as an integral part of cooling the VC and motor, without resorting to costly machining of the frame, or additional parts.

The Evo offers the benefits of the GTS “21″ series, but in a lower-profile, under 100 mm, form-factor, yet delivers higher linear excursion, or “Xmax” plus higher power-handling, yet does so in similarly micro enclosures. Higher excursion means higher sound quality at extreme output levels. With a superb 15.5 mm of linear, one-way “Xmax” (Evo 2410) the Evo series will push the envelope of performance in the slimline subwoofer category.


High-End Solution

Audiomobile continues to be at the vanguard of advanced technologies for high-performance, subwoofer solutions, since 2000. All Audiomobile EVO Series Subwoofers are designed in-house and utilize advanced manufacturing techniques.


Purpose Built

The Audiomobile line is designed for compact enclosure applications where high-performance sound quality is not sacrificed


No Shortcuts

The Audiomobile EVO class of subwoofers provides us the benefit of compact enclosures, but without the limited performance found in traditional "pancake" subwoofers.


Solid Warranty

You will enjoy peace of mind with a 1-year warranty on the Audiomobile products when purchased from Sounds Good Stereo since we are an Authorized Online Retailer


About the Audiomobile EVO Series

For our team to recommend and sell products, they have to be unique. We are not interested in brands/products that are 90% marketing and 10% performance. Well, if you have heard of Audiomobile, you are the lucky few. If not, well they are not like any other products in the car stereo industry. Instead of catering to the entire car stereo industry and make everyone happy, their focus is on high-end retailers that deliver high-performance systems in vehicles where budget is not so much of a concern, but rather alot of performance within a compact space. Think exotic sports cars, no room but you need sound quality + output. That's what Audiomoible EVO delivers. They are not cheap, but they will deliver what no other subwoofer can, in the small amount of space that you are willing to give up. That makes them the perfect solution, for the right application. Key features of the EVO Series Lineup:

  • Designed for compact enclosures without reducing performance
  • Impressive power handling and cooling capabilites
  • Cast Frame that provides a focused magnetic field
  • High-Temperature, multi-layer, OF Copper / Kapton former
  • Large diameter, flat, progressive-roll spider
  • 25mm NBR rubber surround provides up to 2-inches of travel
Audiomobile EVO 2408 D4 High-Performance 8" Subwoofer designed for Compact + IB Enclosures-1
Audiomobile EVO 2408 D4 High-Performance 8" Subwoofer designed for Compact + IB Enclosures-2

Add a Passive Radiator

"A passive radiator is a speaker without the magnet, and electronic structure attached to it; it is just the cone, suspension, and frame. It looks like a normal driver (speaker) from the front, but on the backside, it appears to have had all of its "guts" removed. So basically, subwoofer soft parts that's weighted + frame."
So whats the big deal with them & how can they help me deliver better performing audio systems?

Space in newer vehicles is becoming more and more scarce. From the under seat of trucks and compact trunks, customers are less open to giving up their valuable space. As we know from experience, traditional "shallow" subwoofers typically do not give customers the output and sound quality they are looking for. When you're dealing with air volumes smaller than 0.7 cuft, ported enclosures are not really practical due to port length, so most applications receive a sealed enclosure. But what if you could gain the output of a ported enclosure, not deal with complicated & long ports and not increase the airspace due to port displacement? Sounds like wishful thinking..... But this is exactly what passive radiators will provide you.

Take the chart on the right (below on mobile), a single 10" Audiomobile EVO series subwoofer which is 4" deep, real-world 500wrms power handling, and actually designed for small compact enclosures.

The Orange line is that subwoofer in a 0.5 cuft sealed enclosure (check out that low-end!!), then by just adding 0.1 cuft (Blue Line) and a passive radiator, you gain a massive boost in performance without taking up your precious space.

Make the impossible possible. The Audiomobile M-Car Passive Radiators are available in 8-Inch, 10-Inch and 12-inch versions.

How we rate the
Audiomobile Subwoofer

In the world of 8-inch subwoofers, not many come to mind that achieves this level of performance across the board. You have many that handle tons of power, but lack in the sound quality department. Then you typically find that 90% of 8-inch subwoofers are specifically designed for vented applications, not sealed. So before you know it, you go against why you need an 8-inch subwoofer in the first place.

The Audiomobile EVO series is different, it is purposely designed for sealed enclosures, but has the flexibility to work in a vented enclosure and also infinite baffle solutions. To top all of this off, it can handle the power that is needed when the customer wants a reasonable amount of output, in such a small space. In terms of the ratings, we are rating this compared to other 8-inch drivers in their much larger respected enclosures, so if you are looking for great sound quality, in a small space, the Audiomobile EVO is exactly what you want.













Key Features
Size 8-inch
Speaker Type Subwoofer
Recommended Enclosure Types Sealed,Free Air,Ported,Bandpass 4th Order,Bandpass 6th Order
Recommended Enclosure Size (Sealed) Less than 0.4 ft3
Recommended Enclosure Size (Vented) 0.625 ft3
Impedance Options (Ohms) Dual 4 ohm,Single 4 ohm
Recommended Power 251 to 350 RMS
Voice Coil Size 2.1" / 51mm
Mounting Depth 3.6" / 92mm
Cutout Diameter 7.5" / 190mm
Frame Type Cast Basket
Frequency Response 20-1,000hz
Warranty 1-Year
Subwoofer T/S Parameters
FS 30hz
QES 0.44
QMS 7.7
QTS 0.41
VAS in Liters 15.1
Xmax 13.7mm
Tech Documents
Manuals and Warranty Link Click Here
What’s in the Box
One Subwoofer
Owners Manual
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