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Arc Audio X2 Series 450.4 High-Performance 4ch Amplifier - Sounds Good Stereo Online
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Arc Audio X2 Series 450.4 High-Performance 4ch Amplifier

Arc Audio
4-channel Amplifier

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Just because it's the smallest amplifier in the line doesn't mean it can't pack a serious punch. The X2 450.4 may be the baby of the X2 amplifier line, but it provides an impressive 85 Watts per channel. This 4-channel amp can drive even the best speakers to their sonic limits in your vehicle.

The X2 450.4 is a compact and elegant design that is small enough to fit just about anywhere in a vehicle allowing you that personalized "Big Sound" without the loss of valuable storage space. When used in combination with the X2 650.1 or the X2 1100.1 subwoofer amplifiers, you now have a package suited for even the most demanding of listeners.

Trimmed with ARC Audio's level 1 X2 series cosmetics, this simple but elegantly designed top cover design is accented with a diamond-cut aluminum badge and a texture coated finish. Removing the top screws allows users to rotate the badge to make it look great in any installation. If you desire the old school and elegant black hairline cosmetics of the XDi Level 2 cosmetics, no problem - the X2 450.4 is upgradable by purchasing the XDI Trim kit.

At this affordable price point, the X2 amplifier series is perfect for the daily driver or the wildest of custom installations.

4- Channels @ 4 Ohms 85 Watts
4-Channels @ 2 Ohms 125 Watts
2-Channel @ 4 Ohms (Bridged) 250 Watts
2-Channel @ 2-Ohms (Bridge) Not Recommended
Frequency Response 10Hz - 20kHz
Crossover Range (Front) 50Hz - 3kHz
Crossover Range (Rear) HP 10Hz - 1kHz / LP 50Hz - 3kHz
Bass Boost Variable 0-9 dB @ 45Hz
Remote Level Control Included No - (Optional Accessory)
Input Sensitivity (Low) 200mV - 3.5V
Max Current Draw 125A @ 1060 Watts 20% THD
Fuse 2 x 25 Amp
Dimensions 8.173"(L) x 6.268 "(W) x 2.086"(H)

Multi-channel amplifier (4-channels)
Microprocessor Class-D Design
Designed And Engineered By Robert Zeff
High-Frequency Power Supply Design For Improved Signal Transparency And Overall Sound Quality)
Level 1 X2 Cosmetics Package - Texture Coated Stamped Steel Cosmetic Cover With Aluminum Logo Badge. (Changeable to Level-2 XDi Cosmetics)
Single Side Connection Design
Full-Range Design
Nickel Plated RCA Terminals
Quick Disconnect Speaker Terminal Plugs
Audiophile Class-D Output Filter Networks
Detailed Micro Processor Controlled Protection
Large, High-Frequency Switching Power Supplies
RCA Inputs Are Compatible With Speaker Level Inputs
Fault Codes Storage Of The Last Protection Code Detected
Hi Signal To Noise Ratio Without Compromising Power Output
Fully Balanced Input Stage Significantly Increases Flexibility
Ultra-Low ESR, High-capacity Power Supply Storage Capacitors
Flexible Mounting Orientation For Vertical Or Horizontal Installations
Next Generation High-Speed Class-D Technology Powering All XDi Amplifiers
Bridged Mode Auto Detect Turn-On Works With Most Chip Based OEM Head Units
Precision Filtering Isolates The Power Supply Reducing Unwanted Interference In Radio Reception
Block Type Terminal Connections
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