Arc Audio PSC Digital Sound Processor Controller
Arc Audio PSC Digital Sound Processor Controller
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Arc Audio PSC Digital Sound Processor Controller

Arc Audio
DSP Controllers

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Complete control and detail! The PSC is not just another DSP volume control that gives you presets and volume control. The PSC gives users of our PS8, PS8-Pro, IPS8.8, and PS8-50 the ultimate in on-the-fly tuning power and much more right at their fingertips.

The PSC is basically a small computer with its own operating system that gives users a wide range of features and options and while small and compact the PSC allows users (after their initial setup) to have near-complete control of their system.

User Tuning & Control Features Include
Volume Control
System Muting / Unmuting (All Channels On/Off)
Fader Control: YES – As Defined By User Channel Assignments Via The PS8 GUI
System Balance Control: YES – As Defined By User Channel Assignments Via The PS8 GUI
Sub Level Control - YES – As Defined By User Channel Assignments Via The PS8 GUI
User-Defined Center/Aux Channel Control: YES – As Defined By User Channel Assignments Via The PS8 GUI
Crossover Controls: YES – Complete full Crossover Control For Butterworth and Linkwitz-Riley Crossovers (Slope, Dampening, Frequency)
Third Octave EQ: YES – Complete EQ Control On All Channels (Gain Per Band Per Channel, Channel Linking/Un-Linking, Signal Channel And/Or Global Capabilities)
Signal Delay: YES- Full Signal Delay Operation Of All Channels in 0.01ms Increments
Channel Phase: YES – 0 / 180 Degree Selectable Phase On All Channels Via The PSC
Output Trim Control- YES Complete individual control of each of the output channels (ONLY Compatible when connected to one of the ARC Audio Pro-Series Sound Processors

Hardware and Display adjustable features
Full Color OLED RGB Screen
All Graphic Colors User Definable Thru The Controller Interface (Text, Background, Highlights, Images, Button, Lighting, etc) With Over 256 Colors To Choose From Allowing For Complete OEM Integration Matching Factory Illumination
User Tac Switch Lighting Via User Defined RGB Lighting
Illumination And Dimming Programmable By The PSC User Interface. This Allows You To Hook The PS8 Up To Your Vehicles Illumination Circuit And Define How Bright You Want The Display And Illumination On The PSC In The Various States (Vehicle Nighttime Illumination On and Off)
Hardware User Controls Include A Single Digital Rotary Encoder/Tac Switch And Dual Secondary Tac Switches.
PSC Can Be Rotated 180 Degrees Allowing The Installer To Mount With The Encoder/Controller Knob To Be Mounted On Left Or Right Sides Of The Screen With Switch Functions Changing Orientation So Function Remains Identical Regardless Of Orientation.
Includes 20’ 8-Pin Pre-Terminated Cable For Connection To The PS8.
Includes Mounting Cradle For Easy Flush Mounted Installation.
Includes Spring Steel Mounting Clamp And Screws For Cradle Mount Installation.
Case Design Allows Or Side Or Back Cable Connection To The PS8
PSC Updates To Firmware Stored On The Processor It Is Connected To. This Allows PSC To Be Transferred From Processor To Processor Without Worry Of Settings Loss Or Compatibility Issues As It Auto-Updates To The Product it Is Connected To.
PSC Firmware Updates Completed Via Improved Interface On The DSP Software GUI.
Digital Serial Number Encrypted (Same As PS8) For Easy Tracking Of Production Units.
ARC Logo On Home Screen Only
Live System Mute From Any Function Screen On The PSC
Full System On/Off Without The Need Of A Remote Turn-On Lead Or Signal From The PS8, PS8-Pro, IPS8.8, PS8-50 Allows The PSC To Function (Along With Something Like A Bluetooth Transmitting Device) To Act As A Source Unit With System Power Control Like Most Aftermarket And/Or Stock Head Units.

Controller Digital Full Function
Volume Control Yes
System Muting/Unmuting Yes
System Fader/Balance Control Yes - Definable in the PS8 User Software
Sub Level Control Yes - Definable in the PS8 User Software
Crossover Control Yes - Complete (Damping, Slope, Frequency, - All Channels)
Equalizer Control (Ch 1-4) Yes - Full individual channel and global control of all Third Octave EQ controls
Signal Phase Control (Ch 5) Yes - 0/180 all channels
System Turn-On capability without source or auto-detect Yes - Only when PSC and PS8, PS8-Pro, IPS8.8 or PS8-50 are combined
Screen Type OLED
Screen/Button Orientation Rotation Yes- User defined
Dimmable Lighting Yes- Use Defined
Dimmable Lighting Trigger Yes- Via hardwired trigger on PS8
Illumination and Display Lighting Color Adjustment Yes - User Defined
Firmware Updates Done thru the compatible ARC Audio processor software utility
Digital Serial Number Encryption Yes - Internal for tracking purposes
Dimensions- Cradle Mounting (Cutout) 1.873"(H) x 3.46" (W) x .8"(D)
Maximum Outer Dimensions 3.841" (L) x 2.15" (W) x 1.38" (H, Control Knob Included)
Other products required for operation Yes - PS8, PS8-Pro, IPS8.8 or PS8-50
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