2014-2019 Chevrolet Corvette (C7) Custom Subwoofer Enclosure

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Are you looking for the ultimate Chevrolet Corvette C7 Custom Subwoofer Enclosure? If so, you have found it. This enclosure is hand made at our facility located just outside of Nashville, TN and is specifically designed to fit the C7 while allowing the hardtop to mount in place like factory.

We built this enclosure for one of our amazing clients here at our retail store and decided to offer it to other Corvette C7 owners around the nation. 

Enclosure Features:
- Wrapped in premium black vinyl that matches OEM grain
- Embossed emblem in the vinyl
- LED lighted plexiglass around the subwoofers  (RGB lighting for an unlimited amount of colors)
- Designed to fit like factory and bolts to factory locations
- Allows full operation and locking of the factory top
- Hand-made in Tennessee using High-Quality MDF

Subwoofer Options:
- EVO Package: Two High-Performance Audiomobile EVO Subwoofers. Total of 1000w RMS power handling and will provide the best low-end response in this enclosure airspace

- GT2 Package: Two Audiomobile GT2 Series Subwoofers. Total of 600w RMS for the pair power handling and will offer great performance at a lower cost

- Kicker CompRT Package: This is our cost-effective subwoofer package for this enclosure. Total of 600w RMS for the pair power handling and it will provide a great balance of output and sound quality without breaking the bank.

Want to use your own subwoofers? Here are the specs:
5-inch Mounting Depth
0.6 cuft Airspace per woofer (1.2cuft total)

Before you purchase this enclosure, please send us a message or call us. Just because you have a 10-inch subwoofer does not mean it will perform well in a sealed 0.6 cuft airspace. We want you to have great sound, not lackluster performance.

Need an amplifier recommendation? We can help, we know what it takes to deliver the performance you're looking for in the C7. Send us a message.

Allow up to 5 days for us to ship this enclosure.

Below, you will see the performance of the subwoofers modeled in this exact enclosure. Around 2db difference between the EVO & GT2. Compare the GT2 to the CompRT and you will see a 3db change in the low-end.

Not sure what you're looking at? Let us know & we will explain it in detail & why it matters.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Marco Rosado (Piscataway, US)

Item is great!! It took some time due to receive as they are made-to-order, but the wait was worth it. The only issue was that the installed LEDs were incorrect (plain white instead of RGB), but one phone call and the problem was immediately fixed. One phone call to Don and I was redirected to a local audio shop in my area, and the issue was fixed 2 hours after dropping it off. Great customer service!!

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