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Arc Audio 7-Channel Active Loaded Amplifier Rack for B&O 8-Speaker Amplified Ford F-Series Vehicles
Arc Audio 7-Channel Active Loaded Amplifier Rack  (All Factory Systems including B&O Unleashed)
Arc Audio 7-Channel Active Loaded Amplifier Rack  (All Factory Systems including B&O Unleashed)
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Arc Audio 7-Channel Active Loaded Amplifier Rack (All Factory Systems including B&O Unleashed)

$7,240.00 $5,376.00
Key Features:
  • - Arc Audio X2 Series Amplifiers with 2000 watts of Power
  • - Arc Audio PS8 Pro Digital Signal Processor
  • - Designed to utilize your speakers and subwoofers for a easy installation/upgrade
  • - Pre-Tuned and Pre-Wired in-house by our award winning team
  • - Simplify the most technical and challenging part of your upgrade
  • - Includes EVERYTHING, shipped to your door
  • - Designed for the Factory B&O 8-Speaker Trucks
  • - Lead Time 4-6 Weeks for Shipping

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Customer Reviews

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AEJ (Fredericksburg, VA, US)
Just Great

Great set of guys and wonderful product along with great customer service

Arc Audio Loaded Amplifier Rack for Ford F-Series

Are you looking to upgrade your Ford F-Series truck sound system, but only need the amplifier rack to complement your speakers? If so, you have stumbled onto the perfect solution. What we have here is a pre-wired, pre-loaded amplifier rack with everything you need. This loaded amplifier rack will save you countless hours trying to wire up your own amplifier rack and we have included the proper integration into the truck for each package.

Below we will outline everything that is included with the package along with answering any questions that we are sure you have. For any reason, your question is not answered, please reach out to us and we would love to guide you in the right direction.

This loaded amplifier rack fits:

  • 2015-2023 F-150 Non-Amplified
  • 2015-2020 F-150 Sony
  • 2015-2023 F-150 Bang & Olufsen (B&O) 7-Speaker
  • 2015-2023 F-150 Bang & Olufsen (B&O) Unleashed
  • 2017-2023 Super-Duty Non-Amplified
  • 2017-2023 Super-Duty Sony
  • 2017-2023 Super-Duty Bang & Olufsen (B&O)

Custom Made In-House.

This loaded amplifier rack is 100% assembled in-house using premium components including our amplifier rack, which we manufacture in-house. Everything from the harnessing to mounting the products, our team is behind every connection we make.


Pre-Wired and Pre-Tuned.

We are going beyond sending you boxes of parts that you need to assemble. Our loaded amplifier racks are pre-wired, tested in our in-house truck, and have all of the levels pre-set based on your factory radio configuration.


Designed for B&O, Sony & Non-Amplified Systems.

Each factory system requires a different interface to deliver maximum performance. In our packages, we include the proper pre-wired interface to ensure not only the best sound quality but also ease of installation.


Full Manufacture Warranty

Enjoy the comfort in knowing you are purchasing from an authorized retailer and we will be here to help you with any issues you may have in the future. Since we test every loaded amplifier rack before it ships, you can rest assured your products will operate as intended when you turn it on.

Active vs Passive....Which one?

Choose Your Speaker Configuration

When choosing your speaker configuration you will want to keep a few things in mind. As you go up “active” channels, the more control you have in the DSP, but also the more advanced the tuning becomes.

For the 3-way active configuration, we are running two Arc Audio X2 1100.5 five-channel amplifiers, one per side of the vehicle. This improves stereo separation and the overall sound quality of the system. This option provides you with 6 fully active front channels at 150wrms each, 2 amplifier channels for the rear (DSP in mono), and a remaining channel for the subwoofer which is divided from the two amplifiers. So you will have two subwoofer outputs, each capable of 500wrms at 2-ohm each, for a total of 1000wrms.

The 2-way active is a more common setup that provides you full control over each speaker powered by the Arc Audio X2 1200.6 amplifier along with the X2 1100.1 subwoofer amplifier. This package also includes the PS8 Pro for ultimate tuning control.

When we jump down to the 2-way passive system, we are utilizing a 5-channel amplifier and no signal processing. To do this, we chose the Arc Audio X2 1100.5 amplifier which provides 150wrms to each channel and 500wrms at 2-ohm to the subwoofer.

Here are the configuration options:

  • 3-Way Active = 10 Channels Amplification – 8 DSP Processed (Rear Mono)
  • 2-Way Active = 7 Channels Amplification – 7 DSP Processed
  • 2-Way Passive = 5 Channels Amplification – No DSP
Let's Match your Configuration

Choose Your Factory System

In order for us to send you the correct loaded amplifier rack, we need to know your factory system in your truck. To do this, you will need to flip down your rear drivers side seat to correctly identify this, espcially if you have a Super-Duty truck.

The way to tell is to look at the factory amplifier behind the seat (silver rectangle box). If you do not have one, then your truck is “Non-Amplified”. If you do have this behind your seat, you will want to look for the blue plug on the amplifier. It will be one of three options listed below. On select trucks, you will see a B&O logo on the center channel, but it is actually a Sony system, so that’s why we ask you to check AT the amplifier.

  • No Factory Amplifier/Subwoofer = Non-Amplified
  • Blue Port/Plug Factory Amplifier = Bang & Olufsen (B&O)
  • No Blue Port/Plug on Factory Amplifier = Sony
Pre-Tuned, Pre-Configured, Fully Tested

Seriously..... It's Plug & Play!

Seriously!! This Arc Audio amplifier rack is pre-wired, pre-configured to your factory system, and is pre-tuned (gain/levels). It also includes all of the accessories that you would need such as a full-length power/ground kit that we manufacture in-house, a remote subwoofer level knob, and even the speaker wire to connect to your new speakers.

Just run the power/ground cables, mount the amplifier rack in place and turn the key. No need to touch the settings on the amplifier, it’s already done! If you chose the “Active” option, you are ready to tune your new stereo system in record time with the onboard DSP!

No Compromise Approach

The Core of our Ford F-Series Plug and Play Amplifier Packages

About Arc Audio

Since 1998, Arc Audio has positioned itself as one of the best manufactures in the car stereo industry. With over 150+ championships worldwide and over 1000+ top podium finishes in the top car stereo sound quality competitions scene, Arc Audio is usually reserved for those who demand perfection along with the budgets that most cannot afford. While they are not as large as the other big names, we chose Arc Audio for the performance, sound quality, and reliability they deliver. You will not find better amplifiers in the same price range as Arc Audio.

Factory Fit

Our products are designed with a customer-first approach. Gone are the days of “modifying” vehicles permanently. We have worked very hard on this loaded amplifier rack design to ensure it utilizes factory mounting locations, is easy to install, and is also secure/safe for the passengers in the truck. From the type of HDPE plastic we use to the aluminum 6061 laser-cut brackets that hold the amplifier rack in place, this package has been years in the making. Simply use our supplied hardware and bolt in place of the factory subwoofer/amplifier location.


Pre-Tuned For Performance

Our goal is to set you up for success along with handling the “professional” aspects of your new stereo system. To do this, we pre-tune the amplifier using advanced test instruments such as an oscilloscope/SMD DD1 to ensure the levels are set perfectly for your truck. We do this by installing the loaded amplifier rack into our in-house F-150 truck and ensuring the electronics are working to their maximum performance level. So when you receive the amplifier rack, do not touch the levels, just connect the wiring, set the crossovers/time-delay/EQ (active DSP systems) to your speakers, and enjoy your new stereo system.


When you receive your new loaded amplifier rack, it will be pre-wired for your factory system configuration. This includes soldered connections, custom-made RCA cables along with the proper interface/t-harness for your truck. The pre-wiring of your amplifier rack will help save hours of time along with resolving the potential for errors since we test every loaded amplifier rack before it ships to you. All of this is included in the package price and now you are able to install a stereo system in record time, all with basic tools in your garage.

CNC Amplifier Rack

To ensure a perfect fit and finish, we manufacture our own Ford F-Series amplifier racks in-house. We start off with a 1/2″ sheet of some of the best High-Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) plastic and our multi-tool CNC machine mills out the amplifier rack just like we programmed it. This allows us to offer a very high level of precision for our factory mounting points and the HDPE provides a very rigid, vehicle stable mounting platform for the electronics. We finish off the amplifier with our logo, custom 6061 aluminum brackets, and large zinc-coated bolts with spacers to mount into the factory locations behind the rear seat.

Custom Made Harnesses

In order to make this loaded amplifier rack truly plug and play, our team manufactures custom harnessing in-house using premium materials such as JK Tapes and TechFlex to ensure the perfect finish. Depending on your factory stereo system will depend on the type of harnesses we create. For example, on the Non-Amplified systems, we include a complete T-Harness from the factory radio that plugs into the amplifier rack. On the B&O packages, we utilize the Nav-TV Zen A2B interface that provides us the perfect signal to feed into the new electronics. No need to splice, test, or solder, it’s all pre-wired and ready to plugin.

Premium 100% OFC Cabling

Here at Sounds Good Stereo, we only use 100% premium oxygen-free copper (OFC) wiring. While some might believe wire is wire, that is far from the truth, even if it looks like copper. One common alternative to copper wiring is copper-clad aluminum (CCA), which is a lot cheaper and sometimes passed as OFC, but this poses several issues in your stereo system. Copper-clad aluminum (CCA) conducts 61% of the electricity that oxygen-free copper (OFC) conducts and increases the risk of oxidation, which reduces the current efficiency even more. To ensure proper current flow, reliability, and performance of your new system, we will only use 100% premium oxygen-free copper (OFC) wiring with no exceptions.

Full-Length Power + Ground

In most newer vehicles, including the Ford trucks, the manufacturing processes have changed. For a simple explanation, the newer vehicles are “glued” together more than previous generations which were welded carbon steel. Since DC current (what feeds the amplifier) needs to create a complete circle, we have found these new techniques of manufacturing pose a risk of a poor ground in the cab of the vehicle. To solve this, we include full-length power + ground cabling that goes straight to the source, the battery. This ensures we have the highest conductivity of electricity and we know 100% with our copper cabling, your new amplifier rack will have everything it needs to operate properly.

Fused Distribution

All of our loaded amplifier packages include the proper fusing for not only the amplifier rack but under the hood also. The fuse holder under the hood, which replicates an OEM factory-style fuse holder, comes pre-terminated with pure copper lugs for the best conductivity and is crimped with our hydraulic press in-house by our team members. In the rear on the amplifier rack, you will see a dual-position distribution block which provides ease of installation but also a solid distribution point for the new amplification. All of the fuses we use are the highest of quality to ensure not only a reliable system but also a safe one for you and your passengers in the vehicle.

B&O Integration

Integration with the factory B&O system is very straight forward and with minimal connections and disassembly, it is the easiest of the trucks to install. We start off with the Nav-TV Zen A2B interface and we pair this with the Pac Audio APH-FD02 and now we have the perfect, no splice interface with the truck. Then we connect Zen A2B through custom-made RCA connectors to the next component, which is either the DSP or 5-channel amplifier depending on the configuration. From there, it’s a simple power/ground connection, bass knob installation, and plug in your speakers, mount into place and connect the factory plug. This option retains all of the factory functions, backup sensors, etc, and simply provides the seamless, smart way to upgrade the B&O stereo system.

Sony Integration

To upgrade the factory Sony system properly, we have to go beyond using the factory signal and just amplifying it. The proper way to do this is to utilize the PAC Audio AP4-FD21 interface which is included in the package along with the appropriate RCA cables to run in the vehicle. This interface provides us with a true signal that is undistorted and sounds great. The interface is simple to install, just like the loaded amplifier rack, and does require the retention of the factory Sony amplifier, but we have provisioned the amplifier rack for this. But as you could imagine, we pre-assemble, pre-tune, and pre-wire all of these connections for you and set up the amp rack specifically for the Sony system. Like all of our packages, you will retain all the factory features, and is the smart way to upgrade the performance in your truck.

Non-Amplified Integration

If you have the Non-Amplified factory system, you are in for a treat with our loaded amplifier rack. While the other factory systems have a factory subwoofer/amplifier, your truck has nothing! No need to worry, we have you covered. For this truck, we are building several custom-made harnesses that make the installation and integration a breeze. We start with a custom-made plug-and-play t-harness that goes behind the radio and runs to the back. From there, we send the factory signal through a pair of pre-tuned Kicker Keylocs that processes the signal, fixes the factory EQ bass roll-off, and provides your new amplifier rack the perfect signal to run to your new stereo system. To ensure your factory EQ matches the tune, we will collect your VIN number and actually set our in-house truck to your factory settings. This provides the perfect pre-tuned amplifier rack package that will perform at its best.

Pre-Wired Remote Subwoofer Level

Like your music, passengers, and mood change, so does your subwoofer output requirements. We include in every package we offer a remote subwoofer level to ensure you have full control over your subwoofer section. Whether you want a small kick in your favorite rock song to being engulfed in bass listening to the new top 40 music, a remote level knob is a perfect way to adjust your system.

In-House Tech Support

Our team of real-world technicians are here to help you with any questions or concerns you have regarding your purchase from us. With many years of experience in the high-end car stereo world, our team can answer even the most advanced questions regarding your new stereo system and vehicle.

Full Manufacturer Warranty

Your new loaded amplifier rack and all of its components are covered by the manufactures warranty. Before the package ships, we ensure all of the components are working as intended so the likelihood of any issues are slim, but knowing you have the support of our team along with the manufactures, makes these packages an easy decision for your Ford Truck.

Free Shipping

You will receive Free UPS Ground Shipping of your new loaded amplifier package in the United States Continental 48 states. For those located in Hawaii, Alaska, and international locations, please contact us for a competitive shipping quote.

Premium Products

How the packages are composed

3-Way Active Package Specifics
Total Amplifier Channels 10-Channels
Amplifier Series Arc Audio X2
Total RMS Power Up to 2,200wrms
Left Side Amplifier Arc Audio X2 1100.5
Right Side Amplifier Arc Audio X2 1100.5
Digital Signal Processor Arc Audio PS8 PRO
Subwoofer Info 2 x 500wrms @ 2-ohms
Speaker Outputs @ 2-ohm 150wrms x 8
Speaker Outputs @ 4-ohm 150wrms x 8
Amplifier Topology Class D
Full Length Power/Ground Kit 100% OFC Copper, 1/0 Gauge
2-Way Active Package Specifics
Total Amplifier Channels 7-Channels
Amplifier Series Arc Audio X2
Total RMS Power Up to 2,000wrms
Speaker Amplifier Arc Audio X2 1200.6
Subwoofer Amplifier Arc Audio X2 1100.1
Digital Signal Processor Arc Audio PS8 Pro
Subwoofer Info 1100wrms @ 2-ohm
Speaker Outputs @ 2-ohm 150wrms x 6
Speaker Outputs @ 4-ohm 150wrms x 6
Amplifier Topology Class D
Full Length Power/Ground Kit 100% OFC Copper, 1/0 Gauge
2-Way Passive Package Specifics
Total Amplifier Channels 5-Channels
Amplifier Series Arc Audio X2
Total RMS Power Up to 1,100wrms
Amplifier Arc Audio X2 1100.5
Digital Signal Processor None
Subwoofer Info 500wrms @ 2-ohms
Speaker Outputs @ 2-ohm 150wrms x 4
Speaker Outputs @ 4-ohm 150wrms x 4
Amplifier Topology Class D
Full Length Power/Ground Kit 100% OFC Copper, 4 Gauge

Included in All Packages

Custom Pre-Wired Amplifier Rack
Pre-Set Levels for Vehicle
Proper OEM Integration
Remote Subwoofer Level Knob
Assortment of Factory Mounting Hardware
In-House Real World Tech Support
Full Manufacturer Warranty


Below, you will find step by step instructions to install our loaded amplifier rack into your vehicle.

Installation Overview

Bang & Olufsen (B&O) Installation


Non-Amplified Installation

Sony Installation



Interested in having our team install your loaded amplifier rack into your truck? No problem, we would love to make that happen. After you purchase your package on this page, contact us via email or by phone so we can schedule the installation and if needed, help you arrange transport of the truck to our facility.
  • Award Winning Installation Team
  • Flat rate of $700 to install any of our Loaded Amplifier Racks
  • 1-Day Installation/Tuning Time
  • Vehicle Transport Avaliable for Out of Town Customers
Ford Raptor Project

This project we refer to as the OG Ford Raptor. Not because it is the first we ever built, but the first one we filmed on YouTube. Since this was published, we have over 100K views and have become one of the leading experts in Ford F-Series stereo systems. From our custom parts to custom builds at our shop, we are the go-to source for the best F-Series stereo components.

This 5 part build was a project for a professional NBA player and we had free reign to do what we wanted. The system we put together is very similar to the designs of today, due to the performance and sound quality it delivered. Since then, our custom-made parts have evolved and we are now expanding this product line with plug and play packages.

Hope you enjoy the video!!

Ford Hennessey Project

After the initial release of our first Raptor build, the requests came into our shop. While we didn’t film every Raptor build, we did pick out a few of the unique ones. This one, being a very similar system, but being the unique Ford Raptor Hennessey version was the perfect candidate for the next YouTube build. This system also incorporated the Linkswell T-Style radio, which looked great in the dash of the truck.

We hope you enjoy this short walk-through of the build!

Ford Roush Project

Just like the Hennessey Raptor above, this customer reached out to us to build a one-off stereo system for his family. At the same time, we had a 2017 Ford Raptor in the bay for the same system! As I said, we do a lot of these trucks! This setup was slightly different but the core remained the same. If you watch all three of the videos above, you will see the progression of not only the parts we manufacture but also the improvement in the shop to help us build better-performing systems for our clients.

Hope you enjoy this video!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
AEJ (Fredericksburg, VA, US)
Just Great

Great set of guys and wonderful product along with great customer service

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