Mosconi AS Series Class A/B 200.2 2ch 1000w SQ Audiophile Amplifier
Mosconi AS Series Class A/B 200.2 2ch 1000w SQ Audiophile Amplifier
May 30, 2013
Mosconi AS Series Class A/B 100.4 4ch 960w SQ Audiophile Amplifier
Mosconi AS Series Class A/B 100.4 4ch 960w SQ Audiophile Amplifier
May 30, 2013
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Mosconi AS Series Class A/B 300.2 2ch 1800w SQ Audiophile Amplifier


Stereo Power RMS @ 4 Ohm 2x300W
Stereo Power RMS @ 2 Ohm 2x550W
Bridge Power RMS @ 4 Ohm 1x1100W
Bridge Power RMS @ 2 Ohm 1x1800W
Input Sensitivity Range 0.2 / 5V
High Pass Filter Range (switchable) 20 / 175Hz
High Pass Filter Slope 12dB
Low Pass Filter Range (switchable) 50 / 300Hz
Low Pass Filter Slope 12dB
Band Pass Filter Available
Internal Fuse 1x150A
Dimensions 590mm x 200mm x 50mm

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The Mosconi-Gladen team have really done a good job!

We were all a bit sceptical about the ability of disposal of our heat-sink. We had been thinking of it for a while, but we had never actually tried. Then, one day Filippo, our technician, called us and said: “Incredible!” And it never goes into protection!, and I still haven’t even attached the 2nd heat sink (the extruded aluminum chassis)… “Well”- I answered – “And now make it produce an audiophile sound!” And Filippo did. When we started with the design of AS, everybody had something to say for the “model amplifier”, firing all the “usual” key points:
High quality sound.
Maximum reliability for the most difficult installations.
Ability to drive loads up to 1Ohm stereo.
Compact dimensions.
Top adjustment, intuitive and easily accessible.
Connections completely covered and isolated by thermoplastic parts resistant to high temperature (those of the supply are huge!!!).
Hidden mounting points for a neat installation.
Simple and intuitive design.
100% made in Italy
and, of course, a fair price and accessible to Sound Quality lovers.

The usual strong points? Yes, but the difference is we’ve got them all in one amplifier.
General Characteristics:

AB class output stage
Final stage and supply full-MOSfet
Ability to drive loads up to 1Ohm stereo and 2Ohm bridge BTL
Technologically advanced circuitry with low-noise components, to eliminate noise
Advance protection stage against short circuit, high frequency, DC current through the speakers, incorrect installation
Ability to accommodate power cables to 0 AWG
Ventilation through the intelligent control of fan ProSpeed® and thanks to the unique design of the internal heat-sink. All aluminium parts are made under our own design from an extrusion 6063
Fuse MIDIVAL® (standard ANL) on board
Low Pass – High Pass – Band Pass filters variables and switchable
Expansion slot for additional functions

Volume remote control: RTC-MOS Side frame equipped with LED illumination: AS LED FRAMES

MOSCONI AS series amplifiers are fully designed, developed and produced in Italy. More than that, MOS has created an “industrial district” within a radius of 100 km so we can be in control of every single step of the production and manufacturing process.

This choice, which openly runs against the current trend of other competitors in the market, was desired and sought to ensure the assembly of electronic components is at the highest quality level and to qualify the uniqueness of the high quality design of mechanical parts in combination with the quality control of every working step.

The design is shaped on its function, with special care to hide every point of connection, from the smallest screw, to the controls and the cable plugs; on every single element that makes up the amplifier in its deepest essence, giving the products a sleek, sophisticated line while ensuring a clean, secure and enjoyable installation.

Analogue signal processors used in strategic points of the amplification stage, contribute to the uniqueness of sound and timbre of MOSCONI AS series. The audio power stages and the DC/DC converter use exclusively AUTOMOTIVE MOSfet devices and provide high power supply coupled with high speed transient response.

The pre amplifier circuitry has very low noise to eliminate hiss. The amplifier also has time delay turn on mute to prevent transient thumps. These are standard in the Mosconi design.

MOSCONI AS series represents MOS commitment to the realization of amplifiers designed for the sound as well as for competitions and SPL The highest power, the high current and the impressive dynamics are the features of a project studied with attention to even the smallest details. The use of dedicated semiconductors, the distribution of power among parallel transformers and the adoption of a highly efficient system of heat dissipation provide all the strength, quality, versatility, control and reliability needed to drive loads down to 1 Ohm Stereo or 2 Ohm mono BTL.

The quality of the project MOSCONI AS series amplifiers, combines the highest criteria of design and efficiency. An accurate internal and external engineering provides great power, small size and high sound quality. The utmost attention has been paid to the realization of the amplifier, especially in the disposal of heat, the air flow circulation and the positioning of components.

Every detail has been designed and built to perform their functions well.

The heat-sink with its high efficiency is the result of meticulous planning which has allowed the creation of a very compact form which is also highly efficient from a thermal point of view.

The use of large amounts of aluminium (7Kg/mt) and the forced air cooling, coupled with the dynamic controller fan ProSpeed®, ensure top performance. The wiring is secured by massive power connectors derived from solid blocks of metal, specially designed to handle the highest current demands. The power connectors can accommodate cables up to 0 awg.

The PC board is of professional manufacturing being double-side layer with plated holes, made exclusively with the finest materials. In higher performing products such as AS300.2 and the AS200.4, portions of multilayer printed circuit board are used to ensure the least resistance to the passage of the large currents involved.

A circuit called S.V.S. (Service Voltage Stabilizer) ensures the optimal functioning of all services in both amplifier and DC/DC converter, physically separating the performances of inside circuits from battery voltage fluctuation.

Even in the design of the DC/DC converter, an advanced technology has been used for the elimination of electromagnetic interference, whose production and dissemination are also dramatically reduced in the electrical system of the car, thanks to it.

Each type of adjustment is easily accessible from the top side of the amplifier, which makes it very installation and setup friendly. Every single control is specifically positioned in a functional way, making the calibration simple and intuitive.

The functions in the crossover section of MOSCONI AS series can cover a great variety of needs implementing a low-pass filter and a high-pass filter with the ability to connect the two filters cascaded to achieve a band-pass.

Each amplifier has been equipped with an expansion “slot”, to enable future upgrades to the amplifier. One of these, the remote volume control (RTC CARD), is already available.

There are numerous proprietary protections included to make the reliability of the MOSCONI AS series amplifiers at the highest levels and avoid possible damages due to improper installations.

Protections by:
Low current battery
High frequency oscillation
Bump while turning on
Voltage on the chassis
Voltage on the RCA
Power outputs shorted to RCA
Power outputs shorted to car chassis
Output overload
DC current through speakers
Voltage difference between the grounds
Excessive operating temperature
Each amplifier is also equipped with its own internal fuse type MIDIVAL® (standard ANL) of excellent level.


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